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APX Labs named Technology Pioneer


Step-Function Change

Boeing reinvented aircraft wire harness assembly using Skylight


Simplify and Streamline Work

Using wearable technology


“The smart glasses market is real and tangible for enterprises”

– Forrester

We help your employees where it makes the greatest impact

  • Manufacturing and Assembly

  • Maintenance and Service

  • Material Handling

  • Inspection and Control

Boeing’s step-function performance improvement

Using Skylight, Boeing’s 747-8 “assembly team’s error rate has fallen to 0% from around 3%, and assembly time has dropped by around 30%


Enterprise software for smart glasses and smart watches.


How Skylight helps you do great work

Get always in-view instructions, diagrams and help.

Make see-what-I-see video calls to remote experts.

Capture images, video, audio and more hands-free.

Monitor live data feeds from systems, tools and machines.


Future Proof Your Solution

Pick your device, and upgrade, change and add new ones as you like.

Deploy a single technology platform across the enterprise.

Operate with a natural user experience designed for wearables and hands-on work.

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