Google Announces First ‘Glass at Work’ Partners

By June 17, 2014 No Comments

Google is encouraging developers to create Glass apps for specific industry sectors

By Sophie Curtis 12:09PM BST 17 Jun 2014

Google has launched the first round of its ‘Glass at Work’ programme, which aims to encourage development of enterprise applications for the Google Glass wearable computer.

Google Glass consists of a small screen attached to a pair of spectacle frames. It can record video, access email, and retrieve information from the web by connecting wirelessly to a user’s mobile phone.

Many developers and companies have built applications for Glass, including news apps, facial recognition, exercise, photo manipulation, translation, and sharing to social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

However, it has been suggested that Google Glass could have a role to play in various industry segments, ranging from medical and media to sports and entertainment.

Google said that hundreds of enterprise developers have applied to be part of the ‘Glass at Work’ programme. The first certified partners include APX, Augmedix, Crowdoptic, GuidiGO and Wearable Intelligence.