APX Labs at Google IO

By June 24, 2014 No Comments

Google’s I/O conference is a big event for developers, and we’ve been active participants since APX started.  This year was no exception, we had a bunch of our guys there digging into Android L, Android Wear and the other technologies which were unveiled.

We also were pleased to participate in the local Google I/O extended event in Washington DC.   It is great to give hands-on demos of Skylight to a broad base of the Google developer community.  I especially love seeing how consistently developers translate the Skylight experience into their own ideas and scenarios they want to bring to life.  We’d like to call out Jennifer Ives as well as the TandemNSI team for putting on such a quality event.

Being an active part of the Google community has really helped us drive the adoption of Glass in the enterprise. Many of you have already seen the recent announcement that we are one of the few Glass at Work partners   The momentum and excitement around developers, Glass and APX is red-hot and we’re still only at the beginning of our journey.