APX Labs at the Future of Mobile

By June 26, 2014 No Comments

Clearly Washington is a political town, and the center of gravity for many industry, standards and policy issues.  Mobile technologies are particularly complex and contentious topics.    Access to spectrum, privacy and investment in innovation are top of mind for many in DC.

We were pleased to be invited to speak at Politico’s Future of Mobile event sponsored by AT&T.  It covered perspectives from government policy makers, including Congressmen Chaffetz and Lofgren as well as FCC Chairman Clyburn.   APX was part of the group of leading tech companies which provided the point of view of where the industry is headed and the policy issues which need to be addressed.

Our view is that the next mobile wave is going to be driven by wearable technologies.  They are of course “mobile”, indeed even more so smartphones.  The most powerful of these are smart glasses, which can do everything a smart phone can do but with the added power of hands-free interaction and a unique visual experience.

We hope from a public policy perspective that the focus remains on how to accelerate these new capabilities. We believe that there is tremendous benefits to society that come about when you use technology to improve patient care, to improve the skills of a big population of workers, and create economic benefits that accrue to everyone.