Debunking Myths Around Smart Glasses in the Enterprise

By November 22, 2014 No Comments

While smart glasses in the enterprise space are already proving their ROI, some of the concerns that affect the consumer space are bleeding over into the enterprise, creating confusion around the technology. Some organizations may see a clear business problem that could be solved with smart glasses but may unfortunately be unable to tell what’s real and what’s myth, or what’s even relevant when it comes to introducing the technology into the workplace.

Some of the most prevalent myths have to do with the technology not yet being ready to create value, but in reality, organizations in healthcare, manufacturing, energy, logistics, and other industries know the business case and benefits from smart glasses deployments exists. Many, such as Boeing who was exploring wearable technology in 1996, have known for decades.

Much has already been written about the business benefits of smart glasses.  Let’s now address the concerns of the naysayers and debunk the most common myths that are causing confusion for some CTOs.

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