Google Glass Graduates – The Next Wave of Innovation

By January 16, 2015 No Comments

By now, I’m sure word has gotten around that the Glass program is graduating from Google[x] and into a formal business division under the Nest team, run by Tony Fadell (founder of Nest). In our view yesterday’s announcement signals the start of the next phase of the smartglasses market.

Already today we are helping many of the largest companies in the world to create a connected workplace for their vast population of hands-on workers. This is a unique and tremendously important place for Glass – they pick-up where tablets and smartphones get left behind. Google plans to continue to ship Glass and serve the business market uninterrupted, so this momentum will keep growing. It will be business as usual for developers and enterprise customers – devices will be available in quantity and ready to ship to fulfill any enterprise needs, and support for the devices will continue just like before. All the amazing customer projects we have underway and those taxiing on the runway are full steam ahead.

But even more than ever, we are excited about the new energy, passion and investment that Google and other vendors are pouring into wearable tech. 2015 is just the start of the next wave of growth and innovation in smartglasses for business.

APX is ready to capitalize on this next wave. Skylight is the only software platform capable of supporting multiple smart glasses devices out of the box. Customers can make commitments today and upgrade in the future with ease. Skylight is the only software platform that handles the breadth of scenarios that enterprises want – meeting the needs of their most important employees – the hands-on workers who build, fix, move and operating things for their job. Skylight is also the only platform that enables an ecosystem to easily build and configure their unique solutions, in the full range tools and languages they are familiar with.

We’re excited for what’s next for Glass and committed to making our customers successful by solving important business scenarios.

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