Protecting Your Investment in Smart Glasses

By March 11, 2015 No Comments

March 11, 2015

By Mike Sciscenti–Vice President, Engineering @mshish

Skylight helps you focus on what is most important to your company and workers: build, assemble, install, fix, move and monitor–scenarios that happen hundreds and thousands of times at your company every day. At APX, we make the bold claim that Skylight protects the investment you will make in smart glasses.

The smart glasses landscape will continue to rapidly evolve with new form factors, features and capabilities, and Skylight is designed to help you maximize this continued evolution so you can focus on these high-value scenarios and help your people work hands-free. We backup that claim by how we built Skylight.

Skylight handles a variety of glasses form factors out of the box, and your data and processes are automatically mapped to the right user experience for the device type. There are two major device types on the market, heads up displays (ie, Google Glass and Vuzix M100) and overlay displays (ie, Epson Moverio and Sony SmartEyeglass). Each form factor has different strengths.

Using Skylight you can:

  • Quickly evaluate the form factor most appropriate for your needs and use cases
  • Use capabilities out of the box on any smart glasses like getting help, sharing documents, see what I see, and alerts.
  • Easily integrate your backend data and processes with Skylight and as new devices are introduced, effortlessly migrate to new smart glasses devices that add value to your business

If new hardware is released that better suits some or all of your use cases, you can be confident that Skylight will deliver full platform support on the first day of general availability. When a new smart glasses device is released, whether an update from an existing manufacturer or a new device, Skylight will be ready on day one, so all you have to do to evaluate the device is connect it to your existing Skylight deployment.

Skylight will handle adapting your existing data and processes to the strengths of the new platform. No coding, app rewriting, or determining the peculiarities of the hardware/operating system are necessary. From an engineering perspective, we’ve purposefully built Skylight to be quickly portable to any smart glasses devices that are released. Whether it runs Android, iOS, Windows, or embedded Linux–Skylight is ready.

Don’t get caught constantly chasing and prototyping for new smart glasses, it will quickly destroy the value they bring to your business. Let Skylight manage the smart glasses devices, so you can manage your business and improve how your workers learn, save time, solve problems, and connect with each other.