Making Sense of Smart Glasses for Your Business

By March 25, 2015 No Comments

At APX, we develop software to make work smarter for the 40-60% of the current workforce who need important information for their hands-on jobs. Our platform Skylight was created to be extensible across job titles, across companies, across industries, and across the ecosystem of smart glasses.

Mike Sciscenti, VP of Engineering, recently wrote about ways of protecting your investment in smart glasses which gives a great overview of why Skylight is a powerful product. APX helps you extend the benefits of the investments you have already made into your existing enterprise systems by leveraging our experience with deploying smart glasses over the past 4 years.

I am the VP of Customer Operations for APX which means I lead the services and support division at APX. In this role, I have the distinguished opportunity to work with customers and partners in a wide variety of industries. All of our new customers, ongoing efforts and partnerships share a huge quality: excitement. They are all extremely excited about the potential for smart glasses in the enterprise but with this eagerness comes the most important question: How do we get started?

We have companies coming to us with hundreds of problems that could be solved by wearables, but with this plethora of ideas comes great responsibility– dictating that we must help our customers focus on solving the right problems. That is where the support and sales teams come in— guiding the customers and partners through a deliberate process developed by our experience over the past four years. Having the flexibility to deploy into a variety of industries taught us excellent lessons about common “modes” of operation that make up the best scenarios for smart glass deployment such as Building, Maintaining, Operating, and Moving.

In my own career, I have performed many jobs that would have benefited from smart glasses myself: a laborer at a large construction company (employee of the month my first month on the job), project cost estimator and site superintendent for a residential home builder, a project manager for large environmental decontamination projects, and deployed contract support to the DoD installing cellular networks. Personally, I really relate with the frustrations that I hear daily from workers in the field. Laptops are too big to carry around, phones and tablets take their hands away from their work, and paper instructions are bulky as well as dangerous.

We approach addressing these scenarios as a ‘journey’ in which we and the customers learn from each other while proving the viability of smart glasses in their business scenarios. So, why do we call it a journey? Like many great adventures, deploying the latest generation software and hardware is a non-linear process, but unlike many adventures, it shouldn’t be daunting. It is a time of shared problem-solving, honesty, guidance, ownership and learning. We feel strongly that this process should be based in shared learning because it helps to guide us to solve the right problem for your end users, but also help shape the future of Skylight.

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