Developers love getting their hands dirty on new code, and getting the opportunity to delve into APX’s software product, Skylight, is no exception. So where can a Skylight developer learn the difference between a branching and linking workstream? By enrolling in SkylightU, of course!

Workstreams are one of the cornerstone features of Skylight Release 5.1.  Workstreams are incredibly flexible, providing smart glass users with everything from help on complex assembly tasks to coffee break reminders.  But with that flexibility comes complexity.

SkylightU offers Skylight developers the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of our product, in addition to diving into exercises that flex the muscle of Skylight’s capabilities. We covered everything it takes to start with an empty C# project and turn it into a fully functioning, feature rich Skylight Add-In, including complex workstreams.

This past week, APX had the privilege of hosting two partner companies for a developer training session.  Our partners went home equipped with the knowledge to integrate Skylight with systems like SAP, Midas, and SalesForce.  They also learned how to send media and messages to uses, as well as how to assign workstreams to users.  Lastly, we covered the best ways to implement Skylight in a globally distributed environment.  It was an action packed two days and we had a great time.


If you are currently an APX customer and would like to attend our next developer training session, speak to your project manager for more information. If you are not yet an APX customer, please visit our website and fill out a form for more information https://apx-labs.com/skylight/.