APX Skylight

The enterprise software platform for Google Glass


Smart Software for Smart Devices

The enterprise platform for Google Glass

“Glass and Skylight helped Boeing’s wire harness workers decrease the assembly time by 25 percent and it significantly reduced error rates.” – CIO Magazine

Skylight on Google Glass enables faster operations, fewer defects, greater uptime and better compliance:

    • Boeing uses Skylight for faster processes and lower error rates.
    • KPN uses Skylight in their datacenter maintenance operations to reduce costs by 11% — winning the 2016 MWC Glomo Award for the Best Enterprise Mobile Solution
    • A major oil and gas company uses Skylight to reduce errors and improve cycle times in drill equipment repair activities
    • A large utility company uses Skylight to improve monitoring and compliance in their plant facilities
    • An automotive manufacturer uses Skylight to improve exception and defect handling

Google Glass is built to handle a wide range of use cases:

    • Integrated and light-weight design
    • Prescription-ready and safety-rated swappable lenses
    • Top performance for all Skylight features

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