Smart Software for Smart Devices

The enterprise platform for Google Glass

Skylight is the software for the Digital Industrial Workforce

Faster Operations, Fewer Defects, Greater Up-time and Better Compliance


Dozens of companies use Skylight and Glass to transform their operations

  • A large aerospace manufacturer uses Skylight to simplify tasks and reduce errors at one of their assembly facilities.

  • A major oil and gas company uses Skylight to reduce errors and improve cycle times in drill equipment repair activities.

  • A large utility company uses Skylight to improve monitoring and compliance in their plant facilities.

  • A global telecom operator uses Skylight to provide remote expert guidance to new field network operations engineers.

  • An automotive manufacturer uses Skylight to distribute work orders and share best practice videos to improve exception and defect handling.

Work Orders,  Video Calling, Media Capture, and Live Data feeds for Glass


The Glass solution for manufacturing, service, maintenance and logistics


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