Google Glass Quick Start

From APX and Google

A special promotional offer from Google and APX

For selected companies:

Google and APX are offering a special package to help you accelerate pilot projects with Glass and Skylight.

Glass is the leading smart glasses device for the enterprise. It gives you an always in view display, powerful camera and all-day wearability.

Skylight is the software that lights it up with the capabilities that hands-on workers need to do manufacturing, maintenance, service and logistics operations.

Together we designed a special offer to demonstrate how to improve operational efficiency, reduce production errors, and enhance up-time.

The package includes up-to 25 units of Glass running Skylight configured for your business, as well as in-depth training to ensure you can quickly realize and measure the business impact this has in your environment.

The first step is to schedule a meeting with Google and APX to run through the details and lay out the steps to take to get up and running fast.

Schedule a meeting with APX and Google:


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