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Wearable solutions for complex assembly, maintenance, material handling and field service.

Everything your hands-on workforce needs, in-view, immediate, and right where work gets done.

Make A Direct Economic Impact

Solve the challenge of manual processes, inconsistent operations and unpredictable downtime.

Build a new digital environment with connected workers, big data and smart machines.

Proven Results from the World’s Largest Companies

Improved Productivity


Fewer Errors


Greater Up-Time



The enterprise platform for smart glasses and smart watches.


How Skylight helps you do great work

In-view instructions, diagrams and help

See-what-I-see video calling to remote experts

Hands-free capture images, video, audio and more

Live data feeds from business systems and IOT devices


See what Skylight can do.

Future Proof Your Solution

Pick the device that works best for you and upgrade, change and add new ones as you like.

Deploy a single platform to support all the hands-on operations in your enterprise.

Implement a purpose-built user experience designed for wearables and hands-on work.

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