The Secret of the Factory of the Future

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Robots, lean manufacturing and big data are essential for any successful manufacturer.  But they aren’t enough.

Smart glasses and Skylight add high-performance people to this equation.

See how we deliver work orders, help content, and real-time communication in the world’s most impressive factories.

A leading automotive maker is using Skylight to build the world’s most advanced factory

An iconic manufacturer is up-leveling the performance of complex operations with Skylight

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Our automotive customer makes more than just beautiful and groundbreaking products – they are creating a new way to build automobiles.  Essential to this is high performance people.  With APX and smart glasses they are humanizing the factory.

With Skylight, they are dramatically reducing error-rates by ensuring the world’s largest and most modern factory floor is coordinated and working together.  For the first time, everyone has the visibility and tools to work their best.


Boeing is famously innovative and quality focused with a long history of operational excellence.  With Skylight from APX, they found a solution to enable their workforce to operate hands-free – so their work can get done fast and it gets done right the first time.

Complicated work steps become simple, processes are streamlined and help is always in your view.   Learn more about how Boeing is using Skylight to build a connected workforce