Future Proof with Vuzix and APX

Invest in your workforce today, upgrade with ease tomorrow

Special promotional offer from APX and Vuzix

The hardware

Introducing the Vuzix M300
The M300 is the newest smart glasses from industry pioneer Vuzix.  They were specially built for the demands of the enterprise.
The M300 can attach to safety-glasses certified frames and the viewing angle fit can be individually adjusted.
With a new form factor, more input flexibility, a better processor, top of the line camera, and improved battery life, Vuzix is raising the bar for industrial grade enterprise wearable devices.

The software

Skylight – the Solution Platform
Skylight is the most widely used and most comprehensive enterprise wearables platform.
Industrial companies use Skylight and Vuzix smart glasses today to accelerate business processes, improve quality and increase equipment up-time.
Skylight is the system that delivers work instructions, help content, live data feeds and video calling capabilities to your employees using the M300.

The offer

Upgrade Risk Free
Buy Skylight and Vuzix M300 now:   get an M100 running Skylight immediately and a replacement M300 running the latest version of Skylight shipped to you right when it becomes generally available.
With Skylight the same solution you deploy with the M100 will work with the M300.
Get real business benefits today and a seamless upgrade path to new hardware tomorrow.
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