Skylight R4

The latest version of Skylight is available now.

APX Labs is pleased to announce the general availability of the next generation of our Skylight product.

We have worked hard to make what was already the most widely used smart glasses product even better for our customers.

This is the fourth major release of Skylight, and we have taken great care to listen to the people who use Skylight every day to do their jobs, and incorporate their ideas and feedback into this release. This rapid feedback loop is critical to keep up with customer demand! There are many new capabilities in Skylight R4, but there are a few to highlight.

Imagine you are repairing sophisticated medical equipment at a remote site or assembling auto parts in an environment with intermittent wifi – being able to seamlessly move online and offline without impacting your work is essential. Skylight can securely store, encrypt, sync, and manage your content so you can do you work effectively everywhere without having to worry about the network.

Imagine being a telco field service technician and quickly and simply record a video clip of the actual work you just did (instead of filling out forms and paperwork after a full day of repairs in the field), or being a utility plant equipment operator sending a video message to an expert for review or an automotive assembly lineman recording worksteps to a back-end system which automatically analyzes for patterns/defects. Skylight is the mechanism to harness this new type of content and improve the core operations of the business. Skylight is a rich multimedia system, and this enables one of the real benefits of enterprise wearable technology.

Imagine getting step by step routing in a warehouse, or disabling the device if you walk out of your designated room in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Giving an application-rich user context is something we always think about with Skylight. We have done a lot here in R4, and in particular – routing, navigation and proximity sensing and tracking with BTLE beacons is now included with Skylight.

We have also expanded our client for greater feature support on the Vuzix M100 smart glasses. We’ve done projects with their devices in the past, but we’ve taken our experience with it and folded it into the core of Skylight. Giving customers the choice to use the device best suited for the job is one of our guiding principles, and we’re happy that the M100 is part of that strategy with R4 alongside Moverio, Glass and others.

Skylight is built to connect to the existing systems of the enterprise. Bringing these applications forward to the hands-on workforce is a value-multiplier for the investments you have already made. In R4, Skylight integrates with SAP Work Manager, the SAP ERP Suite, and is a certified SAP HANA solution. Skylight R4 integrates with Salesforce Service Cloud, and it also extends real-time audio/video calling into Microsoft Lync. We’ve also dramatically extended the capabilities of our SDK to integrate Skylight with other external systems and peripheral devices.

Releasing R4 is a wonderful way to usher in 2015. It is generally available now for customers and partners.

Ed English
Chief Product Officer
APX Labs

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