Skylight Success Stories

The Industry Standard for Enterprise Wearables


One of the world’s largest and most respected companies uses Skylight to deliver daily instructions to the workforce in one of their manufacturing centers of excellence.  Skylight’s always in-view guidance simplifies complex work and keeps the quality bar super-high.


An American automotive manufacturer uses Skylight to build a fully connected workforce spanning assembly through inspection in their next generation factory. Production impacting alerts are immediately distributed and addressed, best practices are recorded and shared, keeping the entire operation working at peak efficiency.


A leading telecom carrier uses Skylight to send work orders to field network engineers operating all across the country.   Field crews use Skylight to reach back to a central operations center for guidance, trouble diagnostics and assistance.  With Skylight these workers are harnessing existing collective knowledge across a highly distributed workforce.

Oil & Gas

One of the world’s largest and best known companies delivers over-the-shoulder coaching and remote collaboration across multiple global sites.   Skylight provides immediate access to colleagues and experts while  maintaining hands-on the task, helping improve productivity and overall safety.


A leading global manufacturer with a longstanding reputation for innovation uses smart glasses to expedite material handling and factory operations.  Optimal routing and expedited logistics are helping to streamline their already lean processes.


One of the largest power generation and distribution providers improves employee safety, reduces down time and tracks compliance with Skylight.  Doing important inspections they scan codes on equipment to ensure accurate task completion and use Skylight to get a second set of eyes on the job which leverage remote expert resources.


A top producer of industrial and energy-related assets and equipment uses Skylight to deliver lengthy and complicated assembly procedures and to verify and record critical compliance steps.

Life Sciences

A global life sciences company uses Skylight to standardize and streamline their diagnostic workflows involving hands-on task work across a variety of distributed end-customer locations.

Oil & Gas

One of the world’s largest companies uses Skylight to train new employees and collect domain knowledge from the field.   Skylight is also used to record images and audio notes to document features and issues found in field site surveys.