Powering the Connected Workforce

Enterprise-grade software platform for smart glasses and other wearables

Smart software for smart devices

The Industry Standard

A new solution to the long-standing challenges of manual processes, inconsistent operations and expensive downtime

Applications for:  Complex Assembly, Maintenance, Material Handling and Field Service

The Power of a Connected Workforce

Faster work, fewer errors, better tracking and improved up-time

The Capabilities of Skylight

Designed for day-to-day operations in the world’s biggest companies

In-view work instructions

Get daily work orders, service tickets, and maintenance tasks in a flexible workflow system
Expedite, change and reassign jobs on the fly

Immediate Access to Help

Share your live view on video calls to remote experts
Get on demand access to diagrams, help videos and performance feedback

Capture and Share Media

Document work for compliance and after-the-fact analysis
Record best-practices and accelerate new-hire ramp up

Live Data Feeds

Connect your workforce to big data, smart tools and smart machines
Collect rich context data and get new insights about your operations

The Future Proof Solution

Use the device that best meets your needs

Change, upgrade and add new devices as you see fit

A New Way to Work

An always connected, augmented work experience

Work on-line or off-line and seamlessly sync data

Interact naturally using voice, touch, motion tracking and peripherals

An Enterprise Platform

Configurable to your specific needs and back-end business applications

Support and manage multiple enterprise scenarios in one system

Deploy on-premise or in the cloud