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Wearable devices enable solutions that are impossible to do with phones, tablets and PCs. 

Skylight is a comprehensive platform for enterprise wearables.  It is easy to use, easy to support, and easy to extend.

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Work hands-free and stay connected wherever you are and whatever you are doing.
Smartwatches are a great choice for delivering at-a-glance work instructions and immediate notifications.  For example:
Push tasks to personnel on the manufacturing line, measure their performance, and provide them  alerts when there is a disruption.
Deliver field service work orders with step-by-step instructions and capture audio notes about the work.
In a distribution facility, monitor users with location beacons, give them routing guidance and material handling task orders.
Keep employees safe by giving them compliance checklists and ability to continuously monitor data feeds from their equipment and external systems.
And of course, glasses and watches can work together.  Get alerts and notifications on the watch, and switch to glasses when you need in-view help and guidance.
Instead of a creating and managing a collection of separate native apps for a wide range of devices, enterprises use Skylight to provide a common user experience and single manageable back-end across their mobile operations.
Skylight will run on both Android Wear devices and Apple Watch.  Along with companion smartphones, they connect into the same enterprise platform running smartglasses.
The breadth of scenarios and the continued innovation across enterprise wearables mean that you increasingly need capabilities and solutions that run across different devices.
Skylight for watches is built for this, and supports the core features needed for hands-free work:

Hands-free technology for the hands-on workforce