The growth and impact of wearable technology in today’s workplace has been broadly recognized by industry analysts. Gartner research expects smart glasses to realize $1 billion annual cost savings in the field services industry alone, and IMS Research conservatively estimates the wearable technology market to grow to $6 billion by 2016. Read more–>

The smart glasses market is no longer a hazy, futuristic idea.  Its impact is very real and tangible for many enterprises — from aircraft manufacturers to call centers. Read this Forrester report to see what jobs are best suited for smart glasses, top vendors for smart glass pilot programs, and how to use Proof of Concept to operationalize your smart glasses strategy. Read More–>

Expectations around enterprise wearables are running high these days. The promise of reducing process time, effort, and re-work while also improving quality, safety, and workflow is exciting. But adoption can be seen as a major sea change for some global organizations. Read more–>

We got rid of lanthanides and noble gases and replaced them with the 118 essential elements of enterprise wearable tech. Our updated periodic table groups and defines the main capabilities that businesses are using today to build and harness a connected workforce. Read More–>

While wearable technologies may still be in their infancy, there’s no denying the age of wearables is here to stay. As enterprises and consumers alike embrace smart glasses and smart watches, the ecosystem of available wearables is growing at a rapid pace. Read More–>

There is a slow-motion collision of technologies that are fusing together and transforming what the industrial work environment looks like: wearable technology, the industrial internet of things, and big data. All together these are making a new industrial workplace. Read more–>

Today’s manufacturing employees need to work un-distracted and hands-free, using real-time actionable data to connect them with the rest of the enterprise. For manufacturers, automation and communication solutions are the key to converging the front- and back-end of the enterprise. Read More–>

In 2016 IOT, smart tools and big data for industry will come together in a real, tangible way thanks to wearables. Completing this last-mile loop between people, machines, and data will be the most significant driver of the next wave of industrial change, investment, and innovation. Read More–>